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Comenius Regio Partnerships


Comenius Regio promotes joint co-operation activities between local and regional authorities with a direct role in the management of schools, across Europe. The aims of this activity are to:

  • enable the participating regions to develop and exchange best practice
  • develop sustainable cooperation across borders
  • strengthen the European dimension in school education
  • offer European learning experiences to teachers, pupils and administrators.
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BenefitsComenius Regio partnerships:
  • foster cooperation among local and regional school authorities across Europe 
  • provide opportunities to link with another European region with the aim of improving your educational offering to young people 
  • motivate local authority staff and teachers by exchanging best practice and promoting cooperation
  • include schools and other players linked to education (eg teacher training, youth groups, vocational educators, community organisations and employers)
FundingGrants cover costs related to mobility (travelling to a partner country) and the implementation of project activities and dissemination of results.

The funding is based on a lump sum for mobility and real costs for additional project costs.