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Comenius In-Service Training


Comenius In-Service Training enables teachers and other education staff to attend training courses of up to six weeks duration for their professional development. The training can take the form of:

  • a structured course for education staff lasting at least five full working days
  • a job shadowing or placement in a school or organisation involved in education
  • a European conference or seminar organised by a Comenius Network, Comenius Multilateral Project, National Agency (i.e. Léargas) or reputable European association active in the field of school education

In all cases, the training must take place in another eligible European country.

To see what courses are available, check the Training Database. For instructions on how to use the database, click here

Note: The In-Service Training Database will be closing next year; only courses starting on or before 30 April 2014 will be included in the database and it will remain open only until 15 June 2014. For more detail, click here


Funding is available to cover:

  • Travel and insurance - up to 100% of costs for economy fares
  • Course/conference fees - on the basis of real costs up to a maximum of €150 per day for courses lasting up to five full working days. A percentage contribution to the course fee of €150 per day will be awarded for courses that run for longer than one week. 
  • A contribution to accommodation and subsistence costs (based on lump sums per destination country) 
  • Grant requested for language preparation: You may apply for a flat-rate grant of €200 as a contribution towards the cost of linguistic preparation for your visit. A grant for linguistic preparation is not available if you have already chosen a language training course as your activity. 
For more details of available funding and subsistence costs, check the Comenius In-Service Training application form, which you can download from the Resources page.