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Léargas manages international and national exchange and cooperation programmes in the adult education, school education, VET and youth sectors. Together with the HEA, Léargas manages the Erasmus+ programme in Ireland.

Upcoming Deadlines! 

04 March - Key Action 1 (Mobility), School Ed., Adult Ed., VET

31 March - Key Action 2 (Strategic Partnerships), School Ed., Adult Ed., VET

30 April -  Youth only: Key Action 1 (Mobility), Key Action 2 (Strategic Partnerships), Key Action 3 (Structured Dialogue)

For more information, check the Erasmus+ Programme Guide 2015.

(Note: the current Call for Proposals on the Commission Website shows the incorrect deadline for KA2 School Ed., Adult Ed., VET. Revision 1 shows the corrected date).


Léargas manages many national, European and international programmes: if you know which programme you’re interested in, select it from this drop down list.


Use these drop down lists to see which programmes and funding might be suitable for you and your organisation.